Councils and Communities


Working with the City of Brimbank planning team, we designed a community information session.  This was an evening session and both the community and the applicant were in the room.  There was a lot of tension and difficulty, but it went well...

Here is the feedback we received:

"Dear Joy, We were very happy with the outcome of the consultation – in fact it went better that we had anticipated.  I am always impressed by your ability to manage a room of unhappy people and keep it civilised, but also make the people feel like they have been heard.  KG."

Example #2 - A local community and council wanted to better understand the future potential of their town structure

We collaborated with Bruce Turner at Phoenix Facilitation to design and facilitate an interactive community and council event involving more than 60 participants. Everyone had opportunity to comment on plans, provide feedback and distil their ideas into key themes. Groups then provided ideas for actions and strategies to realise these suggestions. Our approach is flexible and collaborative, encouraging conversations and sharing of ideas.


Example # 3 - Teams not communicating well, lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities.

Working with the area leaders we identified the areas of conflict between the teams, then facilitated a workshop in which members of both teams were able to raise their issues. A second workshop was held which involved process mapping roles, responsibilities and next steps. We used this to elicit the challenging dynamics in the group and created strategies for change. Alongside the workshops, the leaders were coached in ways to improve their relationship and build trust with each other and their staff.