The Balint method was designed by Michael and Enid Balint for doctors with the intention of helping them better understand the interaction between the doctor and the patient - particularly 'heartsink' patients - those patients that cause perturbation, worry and perhaps anxiety.  We have developed this method to working with members of organisations.  

The workshops are small and personal and suitable for staff working in complex situations, experiencing change, and managing multiple stakeholders. Participants may be managers, facilitators, leaders, team members or directors.  Each participant brings their own case material, using real-life experiences, and works with their own 'heartsink' situation, something that involves others (such as people they manage or are managed by).

As an accredited and experienced Balint leader, Joy will guide each individual to present their dilemma, and work with the small group to reflect on and associate to the presenting issue. The presenter learns through the presentation which is a reflection of their perspective; when the group works on the issue, the presenter gets time to think, without having to justify or explain.  This helps her/him to develop another perspective. Re-joining the group adds an extra perspective.  The outcome for the participant is understanding (previously out of their awareness), of what they are bringing to the situation, and enables a new way of thinking and working. The learning is even more powerful as it is based on real situations.  Participants describe feelings of support, kindness, generosity and validation.

Who are these workshops for?  Managers experiencing change, working in complex situations, managing staff, or projects where multiple stakeholder groups are represented. Participants may be managers, facilitators, leaders, consultants, team members or directors.  

What happens in the workshops? Experienced Balint group leaders will facilitate case presentations and guide you safely through the learning process. You will use your own real life experience and examples of work situations to discover ideas that are currently out of your awareness. 

What will you learn from these workshops? You will receive coaching in providing feedback, communicating more effectively, engaging in sensitive conversations, (and help with other conversations you find yourself avoiding!). This is an intensive and nourishing, personalised coaching workshop that will validate your experience and strengthen your capability. 

*Please note that applications are limited and allocated on a first come basis.

To register your interest or for more information please contact us through the website contact page.


Please note that there is a limit to the number of participants in each workshop. We do also have a waiting list. Following application you will be invoiced and payment is required prior to attendance. If you are unable to attend, please give us 7 days notice so that someone who is waiting can attend. Workshop payments are non refundable.