• Board coaching
  • Board evaluations
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Organisation Development programs for managers and employees undertaking change or managing multiple stakeholders.
  • Executive team coaching

We create

  • Specialised workshops that enable people to lead change, improve self awareness, build emotional resilience and enhance communication.

We coach

  • Individuals, executives, managers and project managers to enhance their role capability, self confidence and effectiveness.

Balint GroupS

  • Joy is an accredited Balint leader and has several online groups currently operating - there are places available.
  • A Balint group provides a contained, safe, confidential space to reflect, imagine and be curious about the interaction between the clinician and the patient, the consultant and the client, the executive/manager and the system.
  • Participating in a Balint group on regular basis, helps participants to
    *recognise they are not alone in having challenging interactions with patients/clients; 
    *develop increased understanding and empathy;
    *explore how feelings and thoughts affect the doctor-patient or consultant-client relationship
    *expand capacity and repertoire for handling ‘difficult’ situations (and avoiding burnout).
  • Balint groups usually have a set membership of 8-10 participants who meet monthly for 1.5 hours. Group continuity enables members to feel at ease with other and provides opportunity for feedback about cases that have previously been presented.
  • The group members and the Balint leader sit in a circle and the leader (or one of the leaders if there are two) asks ‘who has a case?’ Someone volunteers to talk about a patient or client who is on his/her mind. The problem may be that the patient/ client has been emotionally disturbing or just difficult to understand or to engage, or the situation is causing perturbation. The group listens to the story without interrupting. When the presenter has finished, the leader invites the group to respond to what they have heard while the presenter listens. Responses take various forms. There may be questions, emotional reactions induced by the story and speculations about what else might be going on. The group leader will gently discourage interrogation of the presenter, as the aim is to get the group members themselves to work on the case.
  • Members may be organisational consultants, project managers, clinicians, therapists, change agents, supervisors, facilitators or executive coaches.
  • Case presentations will be about clients that you may describe as those who make your ‘heart sink’ - situations or reactions that leave you feeling perturbed or thoughtful. We follow a traditional Balint process - presentation of a case, discussion of the case by the group, followed by the case presenter re-joining the group and further discussion. We also follow the principles of Balint work in that we are not there to provide therapy to the case presenter, rather the work is in facilitating understanding of the case and making sense of the emotional reaction to the material presented.
  • If you would like further information, Please contact Dr Joy Humphreys, accredited Balint leader


We work collaboratively with CEOs, managers and executives to design interventions that address problems. Processes may include workshops, focus groups, and individual activities, all aimed at increasing organisational capability.

We also provide professional development workshops to individuals and groups. Small intensive and personal workshops are designed for staff working in complex roles, experiencing change, and managing multiple stakeholders. Our approach is based on the Balint small group method and utilises real life scenarios to identify strategies and practical actions that develop resilience.

We are experienced organisational role coaches for individuals wanting to develop their effectiveness in the workplace.

Our coaching model uses a systems and psychodynamics framework to facilitate personal awareness, strengthen performance and capability and deepen understanding of self and others.